Resumed by blog after many years-some reason

Well, i have been off the screen from writing technical blogs in recent years. Lastly i maitained a wordpress site under my url but thanks to hosting provider, my data got corruputed and I wasnt able to recover many post which i publish there.

Now my plan is to resume my blog posts here, and then move into new hosting.



Happy Reconnecting


SPs and CUs,

From some time back, I have been very keen to look into the effort Microsoft provide in doing the post product launch fixes. As a SharePoint Architect, i remain eager to dive deep into these CUs and SPs.

If i give you some example from recent Decemeber  2011 CUs, and the minute fixes provided by the Microsoft is quite fascinating. That’s why this product beats all of the competitor all the way. Following are the some of the examples

  1.   The English spelling checker does not recognize the word “Lync” in SharePoint Server 2010
  2. When you try to use an Apple iPad to visit a dashboard in PerformancePoint Services, the context menu is not displayed.
  3. The XSLT List View Web Part displays an incorrect date format on a SharePoint Server 2010 website if the website’s region setting differs from the SharePoint server’s region setting.

As per the precaution and best practice, dont apply these CU’s if you are experiencing the problem resolved in this CU as per the CU description plus dont try to execute it directly on live server, first check on your dev or UAT. Because these CU are very specific to problem listed in the CUs.


Unable to create a Service Connection Point in the current Active Directory domain (PSConfig upgrade).

while Running PSConfig after installing SP1 and hotfix (2597014), i have faced this error,

Unable to create a Service Connection Point in the current Active Directory domain. Verify that the SharePoint container exists in the current domain and that you have rights to write to it.
Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: The object LDAP://CN=Microsoft SharePoint Products,CN=System,DC=<Domain>,DC=com doesn’t exist in the directory.
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPServiceConnectionPoint.Ensure(String serviceBindingInformation)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.UpgradeTask.Run()

While following this error, i have found this article to rectify this issue

Summing up year 2011

Well to this year end, let me sum up what i have done in this year
1. Organized as many as 10 User Group session for STUG(SharePoint Techies User Group) .
2. Spoke at 2 SharePoint Saturday Events. (SharePoint Saturday Srilanka, SharePoint Saturday Dubai)
3. Spend my majority of 2011 with Twin Tech (Maventor), both of the company names wont sound familiar, as they are start up companies.
4. Worked on pretty good project as Senior SharePoint consultant. I executed this project from the initiation to the end.
5. Later in the Oct 2011, i have joined another company KalSoft, biggest name in Pakistan Software Houses/ Consulting firms as “Technical Lead SharePoint”.
6. From the very first day in to Kalsoft, i worked on the project for Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority, worked as PM/Tech Lead. And Thanks to Almighty, succeeded to complete this project.
7. Now a days i have been working on two project, Hamdan University and Dubai Government Human Resource.
8. My blog, got around 10000 hits this year, which is a major success for me.
9. Cleared all the four certification for SharePoint.

Following are the few misses i have made during this year.
1. Doesn’t get any award from Microsoft, not even the least one. Though i have spoke to different universities(MAJU) and Software House( Ebiz Soft, ITIM) from the MIC (Microsoft Innovation Center) front.
2. I have tried to grab every opportunity as it comes in my way, but yes i did miss some along the way.

Well it is nice to live in this year. Hopes to make the most in coming years.

Shakir Majeed Khan