SharePoint 2010

Welcome to my Blog in Word Press, previously i have been blogging at the,

I will keep update my blog on blogger and word Press as well,

Now it is time to RIP  SharePoint 2010 apart 🙂


3 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010

  1. Aoa

    I have been working on SharePoint server 3.0 and now wss4.0 is bout to out and lots of other stuff like Silver Light, Windows 7 Mobile, .net 4.0, Windows Azure and so many other…..

    I am really confused which one to choose, i have been reading and practicing JQuery which will become must have for developers.

    1. walikum salam Shafqat,

      Shafqat what really important is that what you want to do, there are lot of stuff going on there.

      See its simple if you good in silverlight, SharePoint 2010 has Enriched UI support for Silverlight.
      If you are good in JQuery, SP2010 Client Object Model which have whole new API for Java Script.
      Even SharePoint 2010 has whole lot of feature for Mobile including SMS alerts.
      Sooner or later all these technologies works with each other,

      If you need any help regarding SharePoint and any other Microsoft Technology, you can email me on

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