cannot uninstall the language pack 0 because it is not deployed

Some days back i have deployed my wsp with powershell, all webparts pages giving the error as .. webpart are not type as safe.

As you know that it is a general error, so i updated the web.config with all the webparts plus extra dlls as the type  safe. But when i was about to uninstall the solution it gives below error.

cannot uninstall the language pack 0 because it is not deployed.

First advice, Check your wsp at your dev machine,

in my case it was deploying successfully but one of my webpart giving the error of not a type as safe. So i removed it from my solution, redeploy on my dev machine, afterwards i added back it into my solution, here you go, its working on my dev machine.

cannot uninstall the language pack 0 because it is not deployed

On my stagging server, when i deployed and undeploy  the solution, its again give me above error, so i check my farm solution status on my staging server, it was giving me the error as some features are already installed use the -force to reinstall.

In the end i used the the below Remove script to successfully remove my solution and redeployed it.

Remove-SPSolution -Identity  -force

Finally it worked like a charm



SharePoint Saturday Srilanka

Hi Guys,

Just got back from Colombo yesterday. It was an amazing experience to meet with the SP folks in Srilanka. All the speakers belongs to different demographics of the world.  From Australia to United States and from Pakistan to local enthusiast.


Organizers(Innovative-e) have done a remarkable job to organize this wonderful event.

I have presented SharePoint 2010 and Windows azure in my session, hopes that every body who attended my session liked my session.

On Monday i got the chance to explore Srilanka, traveled about 400 km in a single day, from Colombo to Kandy, then to Dambula and at last back to colombo.

you can check my photo album from the below link

Posted by Shakir Majeed Khan on Sunday, June 12, 2011