‘Recycle IIS Application Pool’: 0x80070005 Access denied


Its quite often that take backup of site collection and restore it in different machine. Once it done you try to run your code. Problem arise that when you deploy your solution through VS 2010, it gives you the above error.

In order to rectify is just that your current user(from which you are logged on the machine) is in site collection administators.

That user must be in the site collection administrator group.




Speaked at SharePoint Saturday Dubai


With some special assignment at my hand, i wasn’t able to post some thing on my blog. Nevertheless i traveled to UAE to take part in SharePoint Saturday Dubai held at Microsoft Regional Headquarter,Internet City.

It was my second SharePoint Saturday, previously i have speak at SharePoint Saturday Srilanka in the month of June. So Two SPS in 2 months, isn’t that amazing.

I took two session in SharePoint Saturday Dubai. Following are the topic

  1. Development in SharePoint Online
  2. FCPakistan: A Case Study

Thank you all who attended my session.

For you guy who didnt attend my session following are my slide deck and pictures.

Post Lunch Session
Before Lunch Sessions