Download multiple file as Zip in SharePoint 2010

Today i have come across with a question from my friend, (Syed Ahmed Osama). He was trying to create a feature which enables to download multiple files as a single zip file.

After googling it for some time, i found a very nice feature

In order to deploy it, you can use the following post

(For the step 4 mention in the above blog, use this ps command

Install-SPSolution -Identity 2010_5_DeviantPoint.DownloadZip.wsp -GACDeployment -force

(stsdam won’t be available for the next version, so get yourself ready guys šŸ™‚ )

It works for me like a charm, All marks to Bart X. Tubalinal. Good job mate

Happy SharePointing


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I am SharePoint certified Specialist, SharePoint Trainer, Techie Speaker. I am in-list of Speakers on SharePoint from Microsoft Innovation Center Karachi Pakistan. I am User Group Leader of SharePoint Techies User Group(STUG), View all posts by Shakir Majeed

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