Migrate Lotus notes to SharePoint 2010-Session in Oct Event


who have attended our last SharePoint Techies User Group Event. One of our speaker Ali Zia, promised to share over all cycle to migrate Lotus notes to SharePoint 2010

you can follow the link below



SharePoint Techies User Group- OCT 2011 event

Last week i was quite busy with the User Group event preparation.Couldn’t get any time to update my blog. Any way the yesterday event went great. We have 3 session in it.

Some comments from the User

you can download or view my presentation below

Happy SharePointing 🙂

How to find the Listitem metadata info Client Object Model

Yesterday, some one on my last blog   Two ways to Upload file from Client Object Model , asked how to find out the metadata info of the file from COM.

So the following code  give you the general idea how to find out that metadata info of the file from Client Object Model

ClientContext cc = new ClientContext("http://server:5421");
Web web = cc.Web;
string webName = web.Title;
string uploadLocation = string.Empty;

List list = cc.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("Documents");
ListItem item;

// this is how you can get the item(file), you can also use CAML query
cc.Load(item = list.GetItemById(22));

//here you can get the dictonary for fieldvalue

string createdby = item.FieldValuesAsText["Created_x0020_By"];
string modifiedby = item.FieldValuesAsText["Modified_x0020_By"];

Enjoy 🙂

Happy SharePointing 🙂

There was no endpoint listening at http://rd00…. . This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action.

From past one day, I was facing a problem, which isn’t well documented anywhere on the blogs and internet, so now I take the responsibility to address this issue and workaround to solve this 🙂

For this scenario, i have three application

  1. Windows Azure WCF Service
  2. Test WinFormApplication (consume local service for testing)
  3. Actual WinFormApplication ( consume service from Windows Azure)

I created Windows Azure WCF Service, which runs well in locally. Moreover to check the actual output, i have created a test application which consume this service locally. And in our case it worked like a charm here.

After that i deployed my Service on the Windows Azure, and get everything ready as per below image.

Now then when I used this Windows Azure WCF Service in my

There was no endpoint listening at http://rd00155d340994/service1.svc that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action.

After looking into so many blog and post, i wonder it is has some thing to do with the configuration in my Azure project or in my application.

As you can see that this link “http://rd00155d340994/service1.svc” isn’t right, so I followed a  hunch that this URL “ http://rd00155d340994/service1.svc” must be some where mentioned, In my azure project there wasn’t any URL of this kind.

Gotcha, it was in my  application which consume that service, I opened my appconfig, and found right there.

            <endpoint address="http://rd00155d340994.cloudapp.net/SrvDragToTag.svc" binding="basicHttpBinding"
                bindingConfiguration="BasicHttpBinding_IDragToTag" contract="SrvDragToTag.IDragToTag"
                name="BasicHttpBinding_IDragToTag" />


now replace this faulty URL with your Service URL and here you go.


Happy Azuring:)

Spider acknowldege SharePoint site www.fcpakistan.com


Some weeks back, i finished a project named as Food Connection Pakistan. Its a SharePoint 2010 internet facing site, which got some finest branding and functionality. Even Pakistan famous IT Magzine Spider has some thing to say about this project.

” FC Pakistan is a promising entry on the Web . It has the potential of becoming the ultimate local food guide, provided it works out the kinks.”

To read full article follow this link. http://www.fcpakistan.com/fcblog/newpost.aspx?ID=40

Moreover this site stands tall among the rest of SharePoint site in the month of August 2011 at http://www.TopSharepoint.com,

you can read an article about this as well, through this link http://www.fcpakistan.com/fcblog/newpost.aspx?ID=40

It is very nice to see that despite all these mishaps we face in Pakistan, we usually come up some thing different in every aspect of life.


Happy SharePointing