There was no endpoint listening at http://rd00…. . This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action.

From past one day, I was facing a problem, which isn’t well documented anywhere on the blogs and internet, so now I take the responsibility to address this issue and workaround to solve this 🙂

For this scenario, i have three application

  1. Windows Azure WCF Service
  2. Test WinFormApplication (consume local service for testing)
  3. Actual WinFormApplication ( consume service from Windows Azure)

I created Windows Azure WCF Service, which runs well in locally. Moreover to check the actual output, i have created a test application which consume this service locally. And in our case it worked like a charm here.

After that i deployed my Service on the Windows Azure, and get everything ready as per below image.

Now then when I used this Windows Azure WCF Service in my

There was no endpoint listening at http://rd00155d340994/service1.svc that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action.

After looking into so many blog and post, i wonder it is has some thing to do with the configuration in my Azure project or in my application.

As you can see that this link “http://rd00155d340994/service1.svc” isn’t right, so I followed a  hunch that this URL “ http://rd00155d340994/service1.svc” must be some where mentioned, In my azure project there wasn’t any URL of this kind.

Gotcha, it was in my  application which consume that service, I opened my appconfig, and found right there.

            <endpoint address="" binding="basicHttpBinding"
                bindingConfiguration="BasicHttpBinding_IDragToTag" contract="SrvDragToTag.IDragToTag"
                name="BasicHttpBinding_IDragToTag" />


now replace this faulty URL with your Service URL and here you go.


Happy Azuring:)